Connectico specializes in solving e-commerce integration issues. It focuses on creating an auto-adaptable IT system that allows the transmission of many, constantly changing information between related systems, e.g. product catalog, inventory, price lists, orders or even binary files. This information differs in the size and frequency of source data changes, and is also transmitted in a changing tele-broadcasting environment and with a variable load on the systems. This results in specific requirements as to the values of the parameters describing their integration, and at the same time the necessity to ensure the effectiveness of integration. The company conducts research on its own e-commerce platform, which implements Machine Learning mechanisms responsible for auto-adaptation abilities and the possibility of optimal planning of integration sessions, which affects the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the system.  Thanks to this, it has become possible to develop a system that is able to handle e-commerce solutions, integrating hundreds or thousands of online stores and ERP systems by implementing their integration in an intelligent way, i.e. with the use of auto-adaptable synchronization mechanisms.